Internasjonal bob- og skeletonskole

Internasjonal bob- og skeletonskole

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To: National Bobsled & Skeleton Federations

Subject: Bob School – Skeleton School

Lillehammer: 29th October to 04 November, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen,

For the upcoming competition season, our Federation, in collaboration with the Norwegian Luge, Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation will organize a Bob and Skeleton school at the Lillehammer track, directed by Mr. Gatis Guts. The school will run from 29th October to 04th November, 2012.

Eligible participants:

Athletes: male and female, between 16 and 26 years of age (Skeleton: between 15 and 26 years of age), from Scandinavian, Baltic and North European countries and who have not participated in the past in more than one bob school.

Athletes under the age of 18 require the permission of their parents or legal guardian in order to exercise the sport of bobsleigh or skeleton (according to the case). The parents or legal guardian must sign the letter of permission and the signature must be certified.

Athletes who have already participated in an FIBT bob or skeleton school are admitted only if they have also participated in international FIBT bob or skeleton competitions during the 2011/12 season.

No single person applications will be admitted for the bob school: only complete teams (2 people) will be permitted.

Requirements for admission to the schools

Membership in a National Bobsled and Skeleton Federation from Scandinavian, Baltic and North European countries.
For Bobsleigh School: Bobsled, integral helmet that meets ECE norms, competition goggles, gloves, start shoes and gym kit.The equipment has to meet the FIBT rules.
For Skeleton School: Skeleton Sled, helmet with visor, competition goggles, gloves, start shoes and gym kit. The equipment has to meet the FIBT rules.
FIBT License (only required for candidates who have already participated in an FIBT school and in FIBT competitions)

Medical certificate attesting the candidate’s suitability – from a medical standpoint – to practice the sport of bobsledding (or skeleton, according to the case). The certificate must carry the full name and address of the doctor;
Adequate insurance coverage against accidents relative to the practice of bobsledding or skeleton (according to the case) that includes emergency room expenses, ambulance transport, hospital stays and third-party liability.

School program

28th October, 2012

Arrival of participants.

29th October, 2012

Morning: general instructions, preparation of materials, track inspection

Afternoon: training on the track

30th Oct. – 02nd Nov., 2012

Morning and afternoon: training on the track

03rd November, 2012

Final bob school race, handover of certificates

04th November, 2012



Participants in the Schools will be able to lodge at the Hunderfossen Hotel & Resort, located just 500 meters from the bob track.

Here follows the list of prices for participants:

Hotels (price per day per person) Single room Twin room Triple room

Bed and breakfast NOK 730/EUR 99 NOK 520/EUR 71 NOK 420/EUR 57

Half board, sports menu NOK 910/EUR 124 NOK 800/EUR 109 NOK 600/EUR 82

Full board, sports menu NOK1070/EUR 145 NOK 860/EUR 117 NOK 760/EUR103

Cabins & Apartments

Accomodation only NOK 400/EUR 55 NOK 300/EUR 41

Accomodation and sports

breakfast NOK 490/EUR 67 NOK 380/EUR 52

Half board, sports menu NOK 680/EUR 93 NOK 575/EUR 78

Full board, sports menu NOK 835/EUR114 NOK 730/EUR 99

Half Board includes :

Breakfast : buffet including fresh fruit and vegetables

Dinner : buffet including warm food, salads and vegetables, fruit, youghurt and bread.

Full board includes:

Breakfast: buffet including fresh fruit and vegetables

Lunch: buffet including warm food, salads and vegetables, fruit, youghurt and bread

Dinner: buffet including warm food, salads and vegetables, fruit, youghurt and bread.

Participants in the Schools can reserve their lodging in Lillehammer by contacting the Hunderfossen Hotel & Resort directly.

Tel.: +
Ms. Ida Nilseng Sales Manager: Tel.: +
Ms. Sonja Grjotheim Booking Tel.: +
Web site:


by 13 October 2012: to be sent using the enclosed form to:

Ms. Linda Kristiansen:

Applications must be sent through the athlete’s National Federation and endorsed by its President.

The Schools will be held only if a sufficient number of participants enrol.

As such, the National Federations are kindly urged to respect the enrolment deadline.

Once the deadline has passed, we will advise you as to whether the School will proceed or not.

The FIBT will assume the following costs:

- Track rental, transport of sleds within the track, emergency medical services at the track facility

- Instructors.

Thank you for your kind attention, and best regards to all.

Signed: Kwang-Bae Kang, Heike Größwang,

Vice-President of Int’l Affairs Secretary General



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